Do you have a lot of great ideas and plans but can’t seem to be organized or focused enough to get them off the ground? Are you easily distracted?

Do you have difficulty controlling your impulses? Is this causing you trouble with alcohol, drugs, binge eating, or other compulsive behaviors?

Do you tend to feel things more deeply than other people? Do challenging situations in life throw you for a loop, when other people seem to handle them without much trouble? Have people frequently told you, “You’re too sensitive?” Are you prone to anxiety or depression and can’t seem to manage your emotions in a way that allows you to lead a happy life? Perhaps you are also extremely sensitive physically, with a condition such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, frequent colds and flus, or allergies.

Are any of these issues causing you problems in your relationships? Are your family and friends expressing concern?

You deserve happiness, balance, peace, and fulfillment in your life. I am here to help. I am a licensed psychotherapist with experience treating adults, children, couples, families, and groups in the areas of eating disorders, addictions, depression, anxiety, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and chronic illness.

I can help you can break free from self-sabotaging behaviors and develop a clearer sense of your personal and professional priorities. Then you’ll be more able to set goals and break these down into manageable action steps. I utilize a proactive, solution-focused approach, focusing on your unique strengths and passions, and incorporate mindfulness and cognitive behavioral techniques, to help you develop more effective ways of thinking and handling feelings.

Moving beyond destructive habits is vital, but it’s only the first step. My purpose is to help you develop and maintain excellent emotional and physical health, and to experience fulfilling relationships with your family, friends, business associates, and people in general. In addition, I am passionate about helping you discover and pursue your specific goals, be they personal or professional. We all have specific talents and goals, but sometimes it can be difficult to recognize these and figure out a game plan to bring them to fruition.

Have you ever made New Year’s resolutions, only to wonder in February what happened to your plans? This isn’t unusual, in a world where so many obligations compete for our time and attention. Together we can help you to clarify what factors in your life are and aren’t working for you. Furthermore, you can learn how to make and maintain those shifts in action and attitude that will bring you greater happiness and effectiveness. Ultimately you can become your own best advocate, having developed the tools necessary to support yourself in coping successfully with life’s inevitable challenges.